Welcome to Windy Hills Beefmasters... Home of Champion and Performance Beefmaster for the past four decades.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... producing some of the industries top Beefmaster genetics over the past four decades.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... have highly predictable performance and pedigree with superior conformation. Embryos are available.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... Call us if you are in the market for quality Beefmaster bulls or semen.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... raises a good set of stout Beefmaster bulls every year.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... raises bulls that have extra growth performance, added thickness of muscle, good health and are ready to go to work.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... participants in "Gain-On-Forage Bull Tests".

Windy Hills Beefmasters... has a tremendous set of Beefmaster-cross commercial cattle to help raise E.T. calves.

Windy Hills Beefmasters… sponsored and coordinated Mississippi’s first Beefmaster Feeder Calf Sale.

Windy Hills Beefmasters... is great steward of the land and is always looking for ways to conserve water, prevent erosion, and provide for habitat around the lakes or in Windy Hills pine forest.

Welcome to Windy Hills Beefmasters

"Interested in health and prevention of heart disease, we are combining genotypes and phenotypes to achieve our goal of producing tender and lean beef as a major component of a healthy diet."

-Dr. Gerald Berenson, owner Windy Hills Beefmaster, Director of the Tulane Center for Cardiovascular Health in New Orleans and internationally acclaimed cardiologist.

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2004 Beefmaster, Breeder United, Breeder of the Year

Beefmaster Breeders United
2004 Breeder of the Year